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How I Became an Executive and Leadership Development Coach

Ever since I was in college in the mid-1980’s, I found myself having “key conversations” with men like you about things that were important to them and their future. I majored in Human Relations (Psychology and Sociology) thinking that I wanted to become a Professional Counselor.

Through the years meeting with men, I realized that focusing on the present and future potential rather than the pain in the past (counseling) was more helpful to most healthy men.

Although I didn’t know what professional coaching was at the time, the basic skills of asking powerful questions, active listening, and direct communication was a vital part of my key conversations.

In 2009, I was formally introduced to the field of coaching and knew this would be a big part of my calling as a leader for the rest of the race.

At the time I was on the Executive Leadership Team at Perimeter Church in Atlanta and was responsible for leading 7 division heads with 45 staff and a 4 million dollar budget.

My mission is accelerating leaders through the Red Zone.  

I gravitated toward the people side rather than the management-administrative side of the organization. I saw the benefits of leadership by coaching rather than leadership by management (telling and directing). This opened up a whole new view of leadership.

My current leadership role is the Director of Coaching with Life on Life Ministries. Our mission is to ignite a movement of life on life missional discipleship in churches and businesses worldwide.

I want to provide the best possible professional service to the leaders I work with so I have invested in 200 hours of live training and have 2000+ hours of coaching as a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation.

All of these experiences and training combine to be a great help to those leaders I work with.

Charles Hooper Jr - Leadership Coach

Helping leaders has been the focus of my calling, education, and training for the majority of my career. I would love to come alongside you so you can get the results you want!

As a leader myself, who has worked with leaders for more than 30 years, I have experienced and seen the many issues and challenges leaders experience.

Why I work with Christian men, 35-55-year-old, C-Level Leaders, Pastors, Business owners, High Potentials who are in the Red Zone. 

  • Leaders need a wise sounding board for major decisions.
  • Leaders are working through conflicts.
  • Leaders are making strategic plans for the future.
  • Leaders are isolated in the ivory tower but want a safe confidant.
  • Leaders are in transition needing clarity and direction.
  • Leaders are crippled by insecurity and pride.
  • Leaders live a life of imbalance and duplicity.
  • Leaders with great visions are tempted by moral challenges.

My heart goes out to leaders like these.

I wished I had a wise, trained and godly coach when I was in those places. Now I do have an executive coach and will for the rest of my life.

I desire to partner with leaders like you who want to leave a legacy!

Beliefs and Values

Albert Schweitzer said,

“The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives”.

This quotation could be reworked to say,

“The excitement of life is seeing how God lives his life in and through us.”

Jesus said that he came to give life so we could live it to the abundance.

There are four “life stages” through which our lives can be interpreted. This is a powerful paradigm for life and the coaching process:

Stage One: Dignity through Creation
We are created to reflect God as the ultimate leader. He created all things including our uniqueness, gifts, and potential.  Each of us knows how things should be ideally.

What are the original designs for your life, leadership, and organization?

Stage Two: Brokenness through Fall
Because of our rebellion towards God, we have a broken relationship with God and things in life just don’t work like they were created to.  We all know that something is not right and it shouldn’t be this way.

What are the hindrances, obstacles, and challenges which are holding your life, leadership, and organization back?

Stage Three: Freedom through Redemption
Through Jesus’ perfect life, sacrificial death and victory over sin and death, those who trust and follow him will be made new. We are free from the death sentence, declared forgiven and in right standing before God.

We are progressively changed and renewed to be new men.  We need the hope that there is progress and things can change for the good.

What are the opportunities for renewed growth in your life, leadership, and organization?

Stage Four: Restoration through Consummation
Jesus is coming back to make all things new. There will be a time where all pain, sickness, death and dysfunction will be removed.

The life which God gave in creation and then was broken through our rebellion will be renewed as we live on a renewed earth in perfect peace, harmony, and life with God and his people. We have hope knowing that all things will work out and be good ultimately.

What could happen if there was a clear and intentional plan to achieve the future vision for your life, leadership, and organization?

My Unique Journey


  • Achieved the highest rank in Boy Scouts as Eagle Scout with four palms
  • Lettered in basketball, baseball, and soccer in high school
  • Sigma Chi Fraternity founding member at Samford University
  • Married to Jill Hooper March 11, 1989
  • Father to six boys: Daniel, Ben, Graham, Andrew, Josh, Cole
  • Schizophrenic football fan rooting for Georgia and Georgia Tech
  • Supported my wife through her battle with breast cancer and fibromyalgia
  • I can play six chords on the guitar and sing when no one is around
  • I enjoy hiking, photography, shooting guns, and reading books on leadership and business


  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield Customer Service -2 years
  • Campus Outreach Staff through Briarwood Presbyterian Church -10 years
  • Associate Pastor at Intown Community Church -8 years
  • Executive Leadership Team at Perimeter Church -4 years
  • Director of Life on Life Coaching at Perimeter Church -present
  • Author of Foundations for Life
  • Author of Ignition Guide which has been translated into 5 languages so far
  • Author of Life on Life Guide
  • Teaching Faculty at Professional Christian Coaching Institute -present
  • Developed and regularly teach Coaching Foundations for Leaders

Education and Training

  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations from Samford University
  • Masters of Divinity from Beeson Divinity School
  • Certified Executive and Leadership Development Coach from The Academies
  • Certified Professional Leadership Coach from PCCI
  • Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation
  • Certified Right Path Trainer
  • Certified Gospel Coach with Dr. Scott Thomas
  • Certified Church Planting Coach with Dr. Tom Wood
  • Certified COACH Workshop Trainer with Dr. Keith Webb

Certifications and Professional Affiliations


The Professional Certified Coach credential is the industry standard which means you will experience professional grade leadership coaching.  A coach earns this credential through passing 125 hours of coach specific training, 750 hours of actual coaching, 10 hours of mentor coaching, two oral exams, and a written exam.  This renewable credential means that you will experience the most current and up to date practices in the field.


       CELDC_white print

As a Certified Executive and Leadership Development Coach, you will receive coaching tailored for your unique needs as a leader based on the most current leadership practices.


International Coach Federation - Charles Hooper

Being a Member of the International Coach Federation means that as your certified coach, I am accountable to a code of ethics and am committed to coach you according to the core competencies that all certified coaches practice.


The Professional Christian Coaching Institute trains professional coaches to integrate a sound Christian faith, strong coaching competencies, and solid business practices. That means you will experience the highest standard of leadership coaching available.  I am on the teaching faculty of PCCI and teach Essentials of Leadership Coaching and Coaching Skills Development.



Being a member of the Christian Coaches Network as one of only a hundred Certified Professional Christian Coaches in the world means you will receive distinctly professional and Christian coaching.


RightPATH - Charles Hooper
Clients have found that the RightPATH® 4 and RightPATH® 6 Behavioral Profiles bring valuable information to every aspect of their life, leadership, and organization.  These assessments are administered online in less than 30 minutes and are designed to help you gain a better understanding of yourself the people you interact with every day.  As a certified RightPATH trainer, I will help you interpret your results to gain helpful and interesting insights.  

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