There are at least 3 sources of mental noise which we as leaders must deal with: False Assumptions, False Priorities, and Limiting Perceptions.

3 Sources of Mental Noise

Leaders process a lot of mental noise while carrying out our mission. The noise reverberates in our minds and causes constant stress, worry and anxiety.

There are at least 3 sources of mental noise which we must deal with: False Assumptions, False Priorities, and Limiting Perceptions.

Inner Voices

When I worked at Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Customer Service, I learned the art of mental focus. … read on

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What does your mindset say about your leadership confidence?

As leaders, we can have mindsets which hold us back. We may have a persistent way of speaking or behaving that indicates we are being slowed down by a limiting belief. What could happen in your leadership if these were changed?

The Benefits of changing our mindset include: Feeling more confident Opening up new possibilities Moving forward towards the vision Eliminating the limited perception with a new perspective

I am … read on

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One-Page Career Plan

Regardless of where you are in your career, you would greatly benefit from having a one-page career plan.

Where are you now in your career?

[ ]  A sitting duck who is bored in my career now [ ]  I want to advance in my career but don’t exactly know how [ ]  I’m considering making a role / job / career change [ ]  I’ve started in a new … read on

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Resolving Conflict Without Going Crazy

Going through an organizational or team conflict is not something most people want to experience. Conflict happens when you have strong leaders aggressively working towards a strong mission.

Having a good framework can help you walk through the challenge of resolving conflict in an objective way.

Resolving conflict without going crazy involves:

Understanding the conflict from an objective standpoint. Setting a strategy for resolution with humility and honesty. Taking wise… read on

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What does your Leadership Dashboard show?

Are you overwhelmed? Are you having difficulty focusing on what matters most? Is your organization or team not aligned? Do you desire to be more grounded? Is there a conflict with your own values, vision, career and your organization’s needs?

This might be a good time to look at your Leadership Dashboard!

As I think about these questions, there have been specific seasons in my career when I was confused, … read on

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Leading Organizational Change

Change in an organization is neither fun nor easy.

As a matter of fact, it can be quite a messy process which leaves carnage in the path of a leader.

If you are leading an organizational change, you need a framework to help guide you through the change. There is so much at stake — you cannot afford to wing it.

By now you have been through many organizational changes … read on

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Take Care of Personal Realms

Take Care of Personal Realms

Leaders trying to find work-life balance almost seems like looking for the Holy Grail. We all want it but it is so difficult to achieve.

Here is a tool I have used with success both personally and with the leaders I coach. It is a structured inventory to take care of personal realms and develop a plan to repair various areas.

Questions to ask yourself:

What distractions outside of work… read on

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Execution (Getting Things Done)

What is the one strategic project that needs to be done that would bring significant results to your organization?

Getting things done, or execution, is one of the main functions of a leader. Processing the various aspects of execution will ensure that great ideas can actually turn into reality.

On a trip to Cairo Egypt, our team had the opportunity of visiting the pyramids of Giza. I was amazed at … read on

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Think Comprehensively

In our fast-paced work life, having some tools to think comprehensively can allow us to make better decisions and achieve the results we want faster.

Early in my career I made a decision to leave Blue Cross and Blue Shield based on incomplete information. My emotions and youthful zeal were a strong factor in making that decision.

When I asked for counsel, most people just shared their opinion with me … read on

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Success in a New Role

Success in a New Role or Job

When you start a new job or new role, the first 90-100 days are critical for success.

According to the Society for Human Resources, 25% of USA workers are currently in some type of a career transition. 50% of senior level hires from the outside fail within the first 18 months.

When I was hired to an executive level position in a 7000 person organization, I was asked to lead … read on

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