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discipleship for millennials

What Kind of Discipleship Do Millennials Desire?

There are 71 million Millennials in the U.S. population as of 2015. If a vision of discipleship for millennials will be effectively passed on to this generation, there are some things which we Generation X Discipleship Leaders and Pastors must know.

Let’s Listen to the Millennials

I recently had the opportunity to do some training for ministry residents (all Millennials) at Perimeter Church.  As you may know, Millennials were born … read on

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discipleship movement

7 Quotations About An Effective Discipleship Movement

Through the years, I have been collecting key quotations (or making them up) about what it takes to see an effective discipleship movement happen in a church. As I coach pastors around the world, these quotations continue to prove true.

“Jesus did it. He had no plan B, and He commands us to do it.” – Dr. Monte Starkes

Jesus’ model of discipleship is timeless, culturally transcendent and providentially blessed. … read on

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What is Discipleship Diagram

Where Do You Fall on the Discipleship Continuum?

As pastors think about a discipleship strategy, it is important to determine their view of discipleship. As I have talked personally to over 550 pastors, there is a continuum of answers I’ve received.

The Discipleship Continuum

On the left side of the continuum is the idea that “everything we do as a church is discipleship.”

On the right side of the continuum is the idea “only one on one mentoring … read on

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The Language God Longs for Us to Talk

Soul Talk: The Language God longs for us to talk by Larry Crabb, Integrity Publishers (Brentwood TN), 2003


Crabb is issuing a call to live the New Way of the Spirit by learning to speak the language of SoulTalk. He summarizes the dance of Soul Talk by the following:

Think beneath to see the battle,

Think vision to see what could happen,

Think passion to see what’s in you … read on

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3 Options for Introducing New Training Models

When an organization wants to introduce new training models, there are three options which can be considered.

I personally have experienced all three of these training options and have led organizations through all these options. There are battle scars from two of these options and one which has brought significant benefits.

Option 1: Destroy and Rebuild

This approach could also be called “out with the old and in with the … read on

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Portrait of two handsome businessmen in suits having a coffee-br

8 Ways to Tap into The Power of One-on-one Discipleship Conversations

A pastor contacted me recently about the challenge he and his leaders are having with spending time in associating with those they are discipling.

The common excuse given around the world is “you don’t understand, we are such a busy culture…” After hearing that excuse in all the cultures we have worked with, that cannot be the excuse anymore.

Here are 8 ways a discipleship leader can tap into the … read on

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Bible Group Reading Together

Community Groups AND Life on Life Missional Discipleship Groups

Recently I was asked by a pastor friend if I had read Thom Rainer’s Simple Church and what I thought about how it presents discipleship.  For sometime now, I have wanted to share my thoughts since many pastors are asking the question of small groups and discipleship. Here is my response to my friend.


It has been a while since I have read Simple Church.  I will have to … read on

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Engaging the Heart with Gospel

The gospel transforms every relationship from a heart level.  What could happen if we improved our ability to engage one another from the whole heart with the power of the gospel?

When the Bible talks about the “heart” it refers to our thoughts, choices, emotions and desires. To be fully human means we relate to God and others from our whole heart.  As men, it is easy to relate to … read on

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