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Take Care of Personal Realms

Take Care of Personal Realms

Leaders trying to find work-life balance almost seems like looking for the Holy Grail. We all want it but it is so difficult to achieve.

Here is a tool I have used with success both personally and with the leaders I coach. It is a structured inventory to take care of personal realms and develop a plan to repair various areas.

Questions to ask yourself:

What distractions outside of work… read on

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Six Stages of Manhood

Six Stages of Manhood

Understanding what stage of manhood we are in can provide clarity on our masculinity and a refreshing view of who Jesus is.

Robert Hicks, in The Masculine Journey, addresses the simple yet profound question of “What is a man?” He outlines the various Hebrew words for man and gives helpful descriptors for each.

Which of the six stages of manhood are you in now?

Stage 1: Adam (Mankind)

This refers … read on

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Braves 9-07-07 (3)

8 Ways Dads Benefit Boys

Byron Ricks wrote an interesting article about how studies have shown that growing up with a father increases boys’ school performance and decreases their risk of committing a crime and abusing drugs and alcohol. Here are eight more ways he proposes that dads influence boys—whether they live in the home or stay involved on a regular basis. .read on

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Engaging the Heart with Gospel

The gospel transforms every relationship from a heart level.  What could happen if we improved our ability to engage one another from the whole heart with the power of the gospel?

When the Bible talks about the “heart” it refers to our thoughts, choices, emotions and desires. To be fully human means we relate to God and others from our whole heart.  As men, it is easy to relate to … read on

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small remember what's important

Remember What’s Important

When I think about the practice of life on life living, my hero is my wife Jill.  This is a sign she has over the stove and it reminds us all about living above the normal.

Ever since I met Jill she has been an energetic, fun and spontaneous person. This has been a wonderful compliment to my steady, organized and calm personality. She has a way of doing life … read on

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Dating your current Girlfriend


I’m excited to hear about you and [current girlfriend].  It is good to get to know different girls to see what qualities you like for a wife.  Dating is either for marriage preparation or for marriage destruction.

The things you are attracted to at your age in dating are most likely not the things which will make for a good marriage.

Some of the qualities which are most important … read on

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