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Take Care of Personal Realms

Take Care of Personal Realms

Leaders trying to find work-life balance almost seems like looking for the Holy Grail. We all want it but it is so difficult to achieve.

Here is a tool I have used with success both personally and with the leaders I coach. It is a structured inventory to take care of personal realms and develop a plan to repair various areas.

Questions to ask yourself:

What distractions outside of work… read on

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Surprising Solution for Burnout: Sabbath

Surprising Solution for Burnout

There is a symphonic voice coming from many seasoned leaders saying, “We are busy, bored, and burned out”. It is like the leader who was so overwhelmed with life, he put suicide on his to-do list but was too busy to do it.

The surprising solution for burnout is easily missed and often overlooked.  If rediscovered, leaders can regain focus, delight, and energy.

A friend recommended this book to me … read on

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Leaders, You are Not Busy. You are Lazy!

Leader, You Are Not Busy. You Are Lazy!

Have you ever considered that being overwhelmed and busy really means you are lazy?

This question has haunted me many times as a leader. How about you?

After personally talking to leaders in many cities around the world, I have come to the conclusion that all leaders are busy or at least, think we are.

Leaders with ISB Syndrome wear busyness like a badge of honor. We believe it shows … read on

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4 Life Stages: Dignity, Brokenness, Freedom and Restoration

4 Life Stages: Dignity, Brokenness, Freedom and Restoration

Jesus said that he came to give life so we could live it to the abundance. There are four life stages through which our lives can be interpreted. This is a powerful paradigm for life and one I use when coaching leaders.

Painting commissioned by Christ Community Church in Franklin TN showing the themes of life, loss, love, and life abundant.

Stage One: Dignity through Creation

We were created with … read on

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Leaders Balance Busy Schedule

Take this Quiz to See if You Suffer from “I’m So Busy” (ISB) Syndrome

Do you have ISB Syndrome? There is a growing disease in the world of leaders which has reached epidemic levels. The CDC calls it “ISB” Syndrome or “I’m so busy” Syndrome.

In 2002, I was diagnosed with ISB Syndrome, and it caused devastating results. After treatment, I am glad to report it is in remission now!

There are leaders around the world who have these symptoms. Now I can diagnose … read on

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7 Ways I Conquer the Email Battle

7 Ways to Conquer the Email Battle

As long as we are using email for work, we will fight to master it or be mastered by it.

Talking to leaders about their fight with email has prompted me to think about my own email warfare. There are some recurring practices I have used and helped others with to wrestle down the email monster.

As we approach the holiday season, there may be time to do warfare with … read on

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20 Questions to Ask to Get Out of Burnout

20 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Out of Burnout

Getting clarity around why we are experiencing burnout and what to do will bring hope and renewal to move forward.

Below are 20 questions you can ask yourself and discuss with a trusted person to help you get that clarity which leads to renewal.

These questions have helped me in my own experiences with burnout (you can read about that here and here)  as well as, the leaders I … read on

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8 Great Books on Burnout

After surviving two seasons of burnout in my career, I can see it in others miles away.  This can be a slow and silent killer for leaders of all types.

One of the scary parts of burnout is you begin to feel like you are going crazy.  You have thoughts and feelings of wanting to move to a resort island to just get away from it all.  My trip to … read on

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Burnout, The Second Time | Hooper Leadership Coaching

Burnout, The Second Time

“I feel like all I do is go to meetings about things I am really not passionate about.”

This is what I wrote in my journal the second time I was in the middle of burnout.

At the time, I was on the Executive Leadership Team and functioned as the Division Head over seven department heads with a total of 45 staff.  There were about 5000 members in the church … read on

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Burnout, The First Time | Charles Hooper Coaching

Burnout, The First Time

“I feel like I am about to lose my wife, my health, my career and my sanity.”

This is what I wrote in my journal the first time I was in the middle of burnout.

At the time, I was a pastor responsible for leading a ministry of 400 young professionals.  We clustered those into three different groups based on age and stage.

There was not a strong small group … read on

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