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sermons we see

Sermons We See

As Christian Leaders, we have heard many sermons, and some of us have preached those sermons. We normally think of “proclaimational sermons,” but this poem talks about “incarnational sermons.”

Only a few people are trained and able to preach a traditional sermon. All of us can preach “sermons we see.” Be encouraged as you continue to preach incarnational sermons through your example and way of life.

Sermons We See by Edgar Guest… read on

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discipleship for millennials

What Kind of Discipleship Do Millennials Desire?

There are 71 million Millennials in the U.S. population as of 2015. If a vision of discipleship for millennials will be effectively passed on to this generation, there are some things which we Generation X Discipleship Leaders and Pastors must know.

Let’s Listen to the Millennials

I recently had the opportunity to do some training for ministry residents (all Millennials) at Perimeter Church.  As you may know, Millennials were born … read on

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Investing in Your Senior Pastor

5 Reasons a Church Should Invest in Coaching for Their Senior Pastor

Pastors invest so much time, effort, and hard work in the church.  A wise session or board can consider investing in the senior pastor beyond the salary and benefits package.

As I am working with senior pastors around the country, there is a growing realization that senior pastors need Leadership Coaching.

Some need counseling, but this is not what I am talking about.  A business consultant might be helpful to … read on

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discipleship movement

7 Quotations About An Effective Discipleship Movement

Through the years, I have been collecting key quotations (or making them up) about what it takes to see an effective discipleship movement happen in a church. As I coach pastors around the world, these quotations continue to prove true.

“Jesus did it. He had no plan B, and He commands us to do it.” – Dr. Monte Starkes

Jesus’ model of discipleship is timeless, culturally transcendent and providentially blessed. … read on

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Why 4 is the Perfect Group Size for Developing Leaders | Hooper Coaching

Why 4 is the Perfect Group Size for Developing Leaders

“What is the best size small group to really see discipleship and developing leaders happen?”

This is a question I get asked many times. It is a very important question which will have big implications on the success of the group.

Research says that 5-9 is a great size.

Evan Wittenberg, director of the Wharton Graduate Leadership Program, notes that team size is “not necessarily an issue people think about … read on

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Developing Leaders as a Secret Society

Developing Leaders as a Secret Society

When churches are following Jesus’ model of selection, there will be some hurt feelings and misunderstandings by those not invited into a group. As a wise pastor and leader, you can shepherd those people into a bigger vision while engaging their heart.

Here is an email from a pastor who asked this question:

I was wondering if you could give us some guidance on a situation we are facing with … read on

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Ryan Johnson

Church Planting Through the Lens of Jesus

Do You See What I See? Guest post by Rev. Ryan Johnson

“As a church planter, it’s up to you to gather the first 50 people. And then after that, it’s up to you to gather the next 50 people.”

This statement has, quite frankly, haunted me for some time now. As a church planter, it was not as if I disagreed with the pragmatics of gathering a church; the … read on

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I am not content to “do church”

A Senior Pastor in Florida wrote … My primary reason for contacting Perimeter Church was the “Life On Life Discipleship” that is discussed on your web page.  We are in the process of developing our vision for the next 7 years.  The vision is to cultivate an environment where spiritual life can thrive.  A key component of that is “everyone disciple and everyone discipling.” … read on

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Why Pastors Leave the Ministry

Statistics on Pastors

By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir

Note: All parenthetical comments are from the author of this study not from the blogger.

What is Going on with the Pastors in America?

Here are some startling statistics on pastors; FASICLD (Francis A. Schaeffer Institute of Church Leadership Development). This quest started in 1989 as a Fuller Instituteproject that was picked up by FASICLD in 1998.

After … read on

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Diverse generations

Perspective on Multi-sited or Multi-generational Churches

Bill Wood, Director of Life on Life Ministries

Recently I responded to an article concerning the inevitability of multi-site churches becoming the most visible expressions of church.  As I read the article I was struck with the prophecies made in the article concerning the future of the church, the tearing down of doctrinal differences, the consolidation of churches into regional behemoths and the multi-site churches swallowing little mom and pop … read on

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