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4 Life Stages: Dignity, Brokenness, Freedom and Restoration

4 Life Stages: Dignity, Brokenness, Freedom and Restoration

Jesus said that he came to give life so we could live it to the abundance. There are four life stages through which our lives can be interpreted. This is a powerful paradigm for life and one I use when coaching leaders.

Painting commissioned by Christ Community Church in Franklin TN showing the themes of life, loss, love, and life abundant.

Stage One: Dignity through Creation

We were created with … read on

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8 Great Books on Burnout

After surviving two seasons of burnout in my career, I can see it in others miles away.  This can be a slow and silent killer for leaders of all types.

One of the scary parts of burnout is you begin to feel like you are going crazy.  You have thoughts and feelings of wanting to move to a resort island to just get away from it all.  My trip to … read on

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Burnout, The First Time | Charles Hooper Coaching

Burnout, The First Time

“I feel like I am about to lose my wife, my health, my career and my sanity.”

This is what I wrote in my journal the first time I was in the middle of burnout.

At the time, I was a pastor responsible for leading a ministry of 400 young professionals.  We clustered those into three different groups based on age and stage.

There was not a strong small group … read on

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What Makes a Leader? - Charles Hooper Coaching

What Makes a Leader?

As I have talked to people around the world about leadership, one common question arises:

What makes a leader?

The question seems to come from self-doubt or a misunderstanding of leadership.  The desire to be validated as a leader could be behind this question.

I believe that leadership is primarily about influence.  Consider these statements as you reflect on your leadership:

If you are a friend, you have influence… read on

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I love using Coaches Console as a coaching business software

Finding Coaching Console has significantly helped the coaching business software side of my business grow ever since I started using it. I love coaching but admit I am an accidental entrepreneur when it comes to the business side of things. I used a simple folder set-up when I started but after quickly getting more clients I needed something more robust and professional.

Coaches Console, coaching business software

From time to… read on

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What Myers-Briggs Profile do you need in a Leadership Coach?

The profile of a coach is important for you to get the results you want.  Some people are not a fit for you and others are just right.  As you are considering leadership coaching, think out about your potential coach’s profile.

The Myers-Briggs is an industry standard and can give you a good glimpse of the coach’s profile.  If you are talking to a potential coach, simply ask them “What … read on

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Professional Certified Coach Celebration!

Hello friends,

I wanted to let you know about an exciting achievement.

The last three years I have been helping pastors ignite a life on life missional discipleship movement in and through their churches.  In these three years, I have had the privilege of talking to over 400 pastors and we have conducted around 16 Life on Life Clinics.

It was my desire to get the best possible training which … read on

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Top 5 Reasons Why My New Year Resolutions Fail after 2 Weeks

I am a type A, driven, goal-oriented, intentional leader who has a Love-Hate relationship with new year’s resolutions.

For the last few years I have resolved to not make resolutions because the failure rate in the past was so high.  This seems to be a common experience but something deep inside of us makes us want to submit ourselves to the slavish practice of swinging for the fence and not … read on

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What really is Coaching?

What do you think about when you hear the word “coaching”?

Most of us would think about an athletic coach like Nick Saban, Alabama’s football coach, yelling at players, patting them on the bum or getting up in their grill when they mess up a play.

We are becoming more familiar with golf coaches who help Tiger Woods hit longer and straighter.


We hear about business coaches, voice coaches … read on

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On the eve of a major achievement

For the last three years I have been preparing myself with a new skill set of Leadership Coaching. It has been a dream since I was in college. Taking on an achievement like this in post-mid life has been very challenging and rewarding.

I am on the eve of taking the Professional Certified Coach written exam.  This is the last step of a major accomplishment. I have already completed 125 … read on

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