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What does your Leadership Dashboard show?

Are you overwhelmed? Are you having difficulty focusing on what matters most? Is your organization or team not aligned? Do you desire to be more grounded? Is there a conflict with your own values, vision, career and your organization’s needs?

This might be a good time to look at your Leadership Dashboard!

As I think about these questions, there have been specific seasons in my career when I was confused, … read on

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Leading Organizational Change

Change in an organization is neither fun nor easy.

As a matter of fact, it can be quite a messy process which leaves carnage in the path of a leader.

If you are leading an organizational change, you need a framework to help guide you through the change. There is so much at stake — you cannot afford to wing it.

By now you have been through many organizational changes … read on

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Think Comprehensively

In our fast-paced work life, having some tools to think comprehensively can allow us to make better decisions and achieve the results we want faster.

Early in my career I made a decision to leave Blue Cross and Blue Shield based on incomplete information. My emotions and youthful zeal were a strong factor in making that decision.

When I asked for counsel, most people just shared their opinion with me … read on

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Success in a New Role

Success in a New Role or Job

When you start a new job or new role, the first 90-100 days are critical for success.

According to the Society for Human Resources, 25% of USA workers are currently in some type of a career transition. 50% of senior level hires from the outside fail within the first 18 months.

When I was hired to an executive level position in a 7000 person organization, I was asked to lead … read on

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Six Stages of Manhood

Six Stages of Manhood

Understanding what stage of manhood we are in can provide clarity on our masculinity and a refreshing view of who Jesus is.

Robert Hicks, in The Masculine Journey, addresses the simple yet profound question of “What is a man?” He outlines the various Hebrew words for man and gives helpful descriptors for each.

Which of the six stages of manhood are you in now?

Stage 1: Adam (Mankind)

This refers … read on

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Slow down at Christmas (1)

5 Best Year End Practices for Leaders

December provides leaders a great opportunity to end the year well and start a new year with clarity, energy, and focus.

Most leaders are tired by year end and need a break. Slowing down for a short season is helpful before accelerating again in January. For the last 30 years, I have used December to do these practices.

Here are my 5 best year end practices for leaders: Review Thankful read on

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Best Book of 2016

Before I read a book, I usually wait until three people I respect recommends a good book. It did not take long for this book to be recommended multiple times.

This book not only makes my Evernote book highlights list but it takes the prize of the best book of 2016. It is one that I have reviewed multiple times, and it is on my “read again” list.

The winner … read on

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leadership identity performance review

Leadership Identity During Performance Reviews

Getting off the “I am who I perform to be,” broken down ferris wheel is a real challenge for leaders. Our identity is propped up with our performance, achievements, completed projects, and goals reached.

No other time does this come to the surface than during performance reviews and appraisals.

Like you, I have felt this tension of my identity being based on how I perform. The up and down nature … read on

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Decision Making Questions

20 Decision-Making Questions

In the moment of decision, we sometimes lack the perspective we need. When talking to another person about a decision they want to make, it is clear to us what questions we could ask them.

The following questions can be helpful to ask yourself when making quality decisions. These are great for journaling or talking to a friend or coach.

Decision-Making Questions What is the decision? When do I… read on

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5 Benefits of Ending a Group Well | Hooper Coaching

5 Benefits of Ending a Group Well

There is a time and season for every group. A time to start. A time to end. These 5 benefits of ending a group well can make any group experience very satisfying.

Most groups start off strong but few end well.

We get excited about the “new”. The new school year. The new job. The new team. The new season. The new project. The new group of any type.

As … read on

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