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Six Weeks with Cancer

Six Weeks with Cancer

On July 5, 2016, the doctor said, “It could be cancer.” My heart stopped, and my mind began to race.

As a result of a snow skiing accident in January, I got a DVT blood clot in my leg. While getting an ultrasound a month later, they also found multiple enlarged lymph nodes in my groin. The doctor said that I would need to get a biopsy to find out … read on

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Life Planning Retreat | Hooper Coaching

Life Plan Retreat Made Me Fly

Having just completed my life plan retreat makes me feel like I can fly! Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy have written a very helpful book called Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want

Planning is a key task that all leaders must do and some of us really enjoy doing it. The sense of anticipation before it happens and the exhilaration of … read on

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Leaders, You are Not Busy. You are Lazy!

Leader, You Are Not Busy. You Are Lazy!

Have you ever considered that being overwhelmed and busy really means you are lazy?

This question has haunted me many times as a leader. How about you?

After personally talking to leaders in many cities around the world, I have come to the conclusion that all leaders are busy or at least, think we are.

Leaders with ISB Syndrome wear busyness like a badge of honor. We believe it shows … read on

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4 Life Stages: Dignity, Brokenness, Freedom and Restoration

4 Life Stages: Dignity, Brokenness, Freedom and Restoration

Jesus said that he came to give life so we could live it to the abundance. There are four life stages through which our lives can be interpreted. This is a powerful paradigm for life and one I use when coaching leaders.

Painting commissioned by Christ Community Church in Franklin TN showing the themes of life, loss, love, and life abundant.

Stage One: Dignity through Creation

We were created with … read on

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What Makes a Leader? - Charles Hooper Coaching

What Makes a Leader?

As I have talked to people around the world about leadership, one common question arises:

What makes a leader?

The question seems to come from self-doubt or a misunderstanding of leadership.  The desire to be validated as a leader could be behind this question.

I believe that leadership is primarily about influence.  Consider these statements as you reflect on your leadership:

If you are a friend, you have influence… read on

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Braves 9-07-07 (3)

8 Ways Dads Benefit Boys

Byron Ricks wrote an interesting article about how studies have shown that growing up with a father increases boys’ school performance and decreases their risk of committing a crime and abusing drugs and alcohol. Here are eight more ways he proposes that dads influence boys—whether they live in the home or stay involved on a regular basis. .read on

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small remember what's important

Remember What’s Important

When I think about the practice of life on life living, my hero is my wife Jill.  This is a sign she has over the stove and it reminds us all about living above the normal.

Ever since I met Jill she has been an energetic, fun and spontaneous person. This has been a wonderful compliment to my steady, organized and calm personality. She has a way of doing life … read on

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The Calling of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was a man of deep faith and not a selfish gold digger as we are taught in the politically correct history books today. His sense of calling is compelling.  

He had an integrated faith with his calling and he saw all wisdom as God’s wisdom. Listen to this portion of a letter he wrote to Queen Isabella of Castille and King Ferdinand of Aragon.

In his Libro de read on

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Updating My Will and Last Testament

Today I met with a lawyer to update my “Will and Last Testament”. The first Will and Last Testament was written up while we lived in Birmingham and only had two children when I was 29 years old.

I was a poor Campus Outreach staff guy who didn’t have to think long about who to leave all my worldly possessions to.

I liked my desk, lamp, and some books in … read on

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