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Best Book of 2016

Before I read a book, I usually wait until three people I respect recommends a good book. It did not take long for this book to be recommended multiple times.

This book not only makes my Evernote book highlights list but it takes the prize of the best book of 2016. It is one that I have reviewed multiple times, and it is on my “read again” list.

The winner … read on

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The Moral Goodness of Business

Book Review: Business for the Glory of God: The Bible’s Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business by Wayne Grudem

I have never been attracted to business books because of a subtile Gnosticism which says “business is worldly, secular and even evil.”

Biblically, I know this to be wrong but because of some early influences in my Christian life, this idea of “spiritual is better than secular” seemed to keep … read on

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Is Jesus' Model Germane today?

Is Jesus’ Model Germane today?

Review by Dr. Monte Starkes, Pastor of Discipleship and Global Outreach at Perimeter Church, Atlanta, Ga.

Is Jesus’ example of ministry philosophy relevant to our personal lives, families, ministries and/or churches?

Jim Putman in his simple, challenging and practical book gives us a fresh and antique look at Jesus’ discipleship model.  Why is it antique?  Jesus’ method of ushering in His church and building leaders for His church is not … read on

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A trusted friend I have never met

I have just finished reading Eugene Peterson’s The Pastor: A Memoir and have a full yet sad feeling.  Peterson has become to me a trusted friend yet I have never met him.  I feel like I know him and I feel like he knows me.  Regardless of what I read from him, his life and calling as a pastor brings such comfort to me as a pastor.  I feel like … read on

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Salvation from A-to-Z

I have been reading Frances Schaeffer’s Salvation: Past, Present and Future.

Many restrict their understanding and application of “salvation” to conversion but neglect to acknowledge the Romans 1:16-17 concept of the A to Z nature of the gospel’s power.  Be encouraged to read Schaeffer’s thoughts.

But we must not make a mistake here. Salvation, as the word is used in Scripture, is wider than justification.  There is a past, a … read on

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Physician of Souls

Eugene Peterson: “Behind my back, while my pastoral identity was being formed by Gregory and Bernard, Luther and Calvin, Richard Baxter of Kidderminster and Nicholas Ferrar of Little Gidding, George Herbert and Jonathan Edwards, John Henry Newman and Alexander Whyte, Phillips Brooks and George MacDonald, the work of the pastor had been almost completely secularized (except for Sundays).

I didn’t like it and decided, after an interval of confused disorientation, … read on

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