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Surprising Solution for Burnout: Sabbath

Surprising Solution for Burnout

There is a symphonic voice coming from many seasoned leaders saying, “We are busy, bored, and burned out”. It is like the leader who was so overwhelmed with life, he put suicide on his to-do list but was too busy to do it.

The surprising solution for burnout is easily missed and often overlooked.  If rediscovered, leaders can regain focus, delight, and energy.

A friend recommended this book to me … read on

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Quiet Time with God on ICE

Putting Your Quiet Time on ICE

With so many pressures of life and leadership, one challenge for a kingdom leader is letting our quiet times with the Lord get lukewarm. Here are a few thoughts on putting your quiet time on ICE.

Recently, I received this email from a businessman I am coaching:

I know this is going to sound elementary, but I have struggled forever with my ‘quiet time’.  I don’t want to be legalistic, … read on

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Spiritual Direction and Meditation by Thomas Merton

Spiritual Direction and Meditation by Thomas Merton (The Liturgical Press, Collegeville, Minnesota) 1960

Author ProfileThomas Merton (1915-1968) was an American writer and Trappist monk at Our Lady of Gethsemani Abbey in Trappist, Kentucky. His writings include such classics as The Seven Storey Mountain, which remains in print after more than fifty years and is considered a top 100 book of the 20th century.

Merton is the author … read on

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MTW Summer Conference

In the cool mountains of Brevard NC, 50 missionaries from all over the world gathered for the Mission to the World (MTW) Summer Conference at beautiful Ridge Haven Conference Center.

I had the privilege of being the main speaker and was given the freedom to chose the topics. Because stress and burnout is a common challenge for missionaries, I chose four topics which have helped me navigate three seasons of … read on

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Jesus’ Prayer Plan For You

Jesus’ prayer in John 17 is usually called the “High Priestly Prayer”, it could also be called the “Lord’s Prayer”.  Jesus prays for himself, his disciples and for those who would believe through them.

It is very interesting to see what he focuses on in his prayer.  This may be helpful to you in your prayers for yourself, those you are discipling, and those who will believe through them.  Watch … read on

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The "Magic Eight Ball" Tecnique of Answered Prayer

Magic Eight Ball and Answered Prayer

While teaching a course called Theological Foundations for Leaders, I love to get the tough questions which eager students think up.

Recently I was asked about the connection between Predestination and Prayer.  I think they really meant Providence but the question still works.

Here is my response.  “This is a “it’s easy to fall off on both sides of the horse” question.  Seems like the Bible says we cannot change … read on

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Enjoying Sunday Sabbath

How can you enjoy Sunday-Sabbath more?

One year I wanted to watch the Super Bowl and it made me think about enjoying the Sabbath.  I look forward to a good football game like any other guy.  My view of sabbath-keeping doesn’t bring the same excitement I felt that day wanting to watch football.

It made me evaluate my view of the sabbath…

The Sabbath is part of the Ten Commandments … read on

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Kenya sights (19)

Dry and Desert Times

Every leader knows dry times and the feeling of being in the desert. This happens in many areas of our lives and we just hope the dry times don’t happen in multiple areas at the same time.

I had the opportunity to meet with three friends to have a day of prayer together. This practice has been such a source of strength for me as a leader since I started … read on

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Autumn Appalachian Hiking Trail Foggy Nature Blue Ridge Fall Foliage

Reflections on Reflecting


Reflecting is almost a lost art these days.

You know it is bad when you have to schedule time to reflect.  It usually takes me two or three days at the lake, beach or mountain before the reflecting muscles get warmed up.  A long car ride alone can wake up the reflection juices.  Some people like to reflect with people and do it verbally.… read on

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