Leadership Solutions

You will receive professional and personalized coaching to match your needs and goals.  As we begin to work together, we will co-design a plan together.

You may need a particular focus and I have various frameworks which address many of the problems, challenges and projects executives and leaders experience.  

Which of these issues would you like to work on? 

  • Gain more influence in your organization
  • Launch a new initiative
  • Get commitment and build alignment among your leadership team
  • Improve your relationship with your boss
  • Implement difficult change
  • Grow the organization
  • Improve your leadership skills as you venture into new and unfamiliar areas
  • Quickly gain knowledge about new functions where you lack
  • Blend work, family, hobbies, and health
  • Make better decisions with incomplete information
  • Get clarity about organizational strategy and direction
  • Make improvements in response to negative feedback from colleages
  • Maximize your unique Leadership Profile (see below)
  • Accelerate your contribution in a new job or role in 90 days (see below)
  • Burnout recovery and renewal (see below)
  • Right Pathing your Career Future (see below)

Whether you would want a personalized plan or one of these services, let’s have a conversation.  Your next step is to tell me more about you.

Maximizing Your Unique Leadership Profile

In order to effectively lead in any way, you need to understand and maximize your unique leadership design. This one-on-one coaching will provide exercises and leadership coaching so you will progressively see your Leadership Profile emerge before your eyes.

Learn more about Maximizing Your Unique Leadership Profile coaching.

Accelerating Your Contribution in a New Job in 90 Days

Do you want to be a net contributor in your new job or role three months after you start? This service will help you as a leader to learn the critical success strategies at any level of leadership.

No more waiting for the first year to become a powerful employee or employer, you can do it in three months!

Learn more about Accelerating Your Contribution in a New Job in 90 Days.

Burnout Recovery and Renewal

Stress and burnout seem to go along with the calling of leaders. Many times the chronic and acute issues of leadership can produce debilitating burnout.

In this service, we will diagnose the causes and factors of your burnout and design a recovery and renewal strategy so your energy and passion are restored.

Learn more about Burnout Recovery and Renewal.

Right Pathing Your Career Future

Career planning and development is not a one-time event, but an ongoing, lifelong activity. Using a whole-life approach you will gain a foundation for making personal development and career decisions and create your own Career Path Plan.

Learn more about Right Pathing Your Career Future.

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