What You Get

What you get from me as your Executive Coach

I help you get the results you want!

My passion is for you to accelerate through the challenges of leadership so you can live and lead with focus, balance and productivity.

Hooper Leadership Coaching LLC was founded to partner with male leaders like you who are business owners, managers, and pastors.

You excel in your field and desire to see maximized growth and impact as you lead others. You want to live a balanced and healthy life so you don’t sacrifice your marriage and family for the sake of profits, positions, promotions or pride.

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As a leader, you know where you want to go but need a guide to help you design a personalized plan to get you there. You live in the future but need help to make that future become a reality in the present.

You will experience the most success from coaching if you are:

  • Clear about who you want to be and where you want to go
  • Willing to be real, honest and vulnerable about where you are now
  • A verbal processor who likes to talk out a plan and strategy
  • Committed to apply action steps and celebrate victories
  • Open to be challenged to think in new ways and try new approaches
  • Able to make a financial and time investment for a season of accelerated growth
  • Desiring to be stretched in a positive direction

How Coaching Works

The purpose of my coaching is help you faithfully carry out your leadership with excellence.  More specifically, this means helping you:

  • Lead your organization with effectiveness
  • Refocus your priorities and time commitments in light of your calling
  • Restore balance in all areas of your life
  • Clarify the vision and values of your life and organization
  • Navigate transitions in your life and career
  • Design a strategy to achieve the goals you are committed to
  • Experience authentic relationships with people you lead
  • Reduce stress by challenging expectations

My Core Philosophy and Coaching Approach

Jesus Christ is the ultimate leader. As we see him, love him and follow him, our leadership reflects his character, calling and competence. The work he did on the cross is the transforming power which makes our leadership fruitful, powerful and lasting.  He is with us and for us!


My calling in life is to coach men who are Christian leaders.

Throughout my career, as a Pastor and Executive Coach, I have seen the pitfalls and challenges which men struggle with. You will experience a shepherds heart because I have experienced similar victories, stresses, struggles, disappointments and failures like you.

I coach with a rich theologically informed worldview which brings depth of insight to our coaching relationship. I have been married to Jill since 1989 and am a father to six grown sons. I know the challenges, disappointments and joys of marriage and family.

You will receive the benefits of my professional training as a coach so that your leadership is carried out with integrity and your life is more healthy and balanced.

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