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10 Steps to Making Time Commitments

Do you ever get the feeling like a rock is on your head after you have said "yes" to a time commitment and then you wish you said "no"? StressThe ability to make wise choices about what you commit to and what you don't commit to is a vital skill for leaders. Some leaders struggle with being able to have healthy boundaries.

The dark side of making commitments can be rooted in co-dependency, wanting to feel significant and being a people-pleaser.  

Most leaders say they struggle with chronic stress and have experienced burnout at some point in their life.

Here are some ideas which might be helpful when you are asked to make a commitment.  These questions may help you to pause before making a decision and allow you to make better commitments even if it means saying NO!

1. When someone asks you to make a commitment of your time and effort, tell the person that you will wait one day to make a decision through prayer and by talking to your "Focus Team".  This team is like a personal board of directors who help you stay on target with your life and leadership commitments. 

2. Pray and ask God for wisdom.  Ask him for an open heart so you can hear him. Even though you are excited about that new idea or project, wait to get the go ahead from Him. 

3. Talk to the members of your Focus Team after you have answered the following questions.  Be prepared to answer these questions from your team.

4. How does this commitment fit into my vision and calling in life?

5. What are the positive results which could happen from making this commitment?

6. What are the negative results which could happen from making this commitment?

7.  What time and energy reserves will be used if I make this commitment?

8.  What idols of the heart does this commitment stir up which needs to be repented of?  What are deep desires that I have which are tempted me to make this commitment which in reality only God can meet that desire?

9.  What would be the worst thing that would happen if I did not make this commitment?

10. Right now, is God whispering "yes" or "no"?

Comment: What have you seen that has helped you make wise choices about what you will and will not commit to?  

BurnoutCharles Hooper, Jr.