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20 Decision-Making Questions


In the moment of decision, we sometimes lack the perspective we need. When talking to another person about a decision they want to make, it is clear to us what questions we could ask them.

The following questions can be helpful to ask yourself when making quality decisions. These are great for journaling or talking to a friend or coach.

Decision-Making Questions

  1. What is the decision?
  2. When do I have to make this decision?
  3. What are the options?
  4. What are the pros and cons?
  5. What are my deep desires about this decision?
  6. What questions do I have?
  7. In 10 years, which decision is best?
  8. In eternity, which decision is best?
  9. What does Scripture say?
  10. When I talk to God, what does He say?
  11. What does wise counsel say?
  12. What does my wife/husband say?
  13. What do I want to trust God for?
  14. Who will be affected by this decision?
  15. After waiting 24 hours, what are my current thoughts about the decision?
  16. If I had to make a decision right now and could change my answer in a few days, what would I do?
  17. What action steps am I considering?
  18. The decision I will make is ___.
  19. What were the results of making that decision?
  20. What did I learn from making that decision?

What are some of your favorite decision-making questions?