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21 Day Challenge

What would happen if you listened to God through His word for 21 days? You don't have to do it out of duty but you want to spend time with God and His written word which speaks to you.

What would happen if you took a little bit of time each day to hear from God in His word as He speaks to you about your life?

What if you spent 21 days with God and His word so that a habit came out of it?  Reading the Bible just to read the Bible is enough to bore anybody.  What would happen if you went on a treasure hunt in the Bible to find answers to what your heart is longing to know?  What would happen if you spent time with God through His word to find answers to the questions you have in life. Take an issue you have in life and go to the Bible and see what you find.

Take these next 21 days to see what God might say to you.

If you have never gotten the big deal about Jesus, read one chapter of the Gospel of John daily.

If you want to see how personal God is, read one chapter of Psalms daily.

If you want to understand the Gospel, read a little bit of Galatians each day.

If you want wisdom, read a chapter of Proverbs so you can see that Jesus is your wisdom.

If you want to see what will happen in the future, read a chapter of Revelation a day and dream about the future heaven-on-earth.

Take the 21 day challenge, your life will not be the same!  Just try it and see what happens.

What are you hoping to get out of your 21 Day Challenge?

Charles Hooper, Jr.