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Would you benefit from a 360 Verbal Assessment?


All leaders have blind spots. A coworker of mine helped me discover a new blind spot in my INTJ leadership recently. Now I am getting feedback to correct this character flaw and personality quirk. A 360 Verbal Assessment can open our eyes to really see clearly.

How do you come across to others?

A leader I coached told me, “Other people I work with see how I act and they called me out on it. I just was not aware how I come across to some people.  What should I do?"

How do you come across to others?

How do you relate to others?

Do you want “nowhere-to-hide” coaching with accurate information?

The Benefits of a 360 Verbal Assessment include:

  • Collecting data from people around you who care for you and your development as a leader
  • Getting first-hand knowledge about yourself from those you work with
  • Discovering if your self-awareness is accurate
  • A clear coaching plan that can be co-designed to move forward to get noticeable results

There are three areas of inquiry that we would work on together: List of Participants, Assessment, and Synthesis.

Area of Inquiry #1 — List of Participants

Goal: We start with finding a sample of people with whom you work. Usually this includes people up, down, across, and even outside your organization. You can chose allies and antagonists.  You want a good sample of men, women, and different ages.  Having 10-15 people is best.

Area of Inquiry #2 — Assessment

Once you have chosen a sample of people, I (as your coach) will ask them the following questions about you:

  • What is your relationship to [name]?
  • What are the things that [name] does best?
  • What is one thing that [name] could do better?
  • What other advice do you have to help [name] be more successful and perform better?

Area of Inquiry #3 — Synthesis

Goal: The findings will be presented in a way that builds on your existing strengths with directness and compassion. We will discuss these topics:

  • What you do well
  • One thing you can work on (you will not be overwhelmed with multiple development plans just one)
  • How that area might be holding you back
  • How this assessment will help you become even more successful and build on what you already do well
  • A co-designed coaching plan based on this assessment

A witness who tells the truth saves good men from being sentenced to death, but a false witness is a traitor. ~ Proverbs 14:25

What are the benefits you would experience from a 360 Verbal Assessment?

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