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4 Life Stages: Dignity, Brokenness, Freedom and Restoration

4 Life Stages: Dignity, Brokenness, Freedom and Restoration
4 Life Stages: Dignity, Brokenness, Freedom and Restoration

Jesus said that he came to give life so we could live it to the abundance. There are four life stages through which our lives can be interpreted. This is a powerful paradigm for life and one I use when coaching leaders.

Stage One: Dignity through Creation

We were created with purpose, freedom, and assurance. We were created to reflect God as the ultimate leader. He created all things including our uniqueness, gifts, and potential. Each of us knows how things should be ideally.

What is the original design for your life, leadership, and organization?

Stage Two: Brokenness through Fall

Because of our rebellion towards God, we have a broken relationship with God and things in life just don’t work like they were created. We all know that something is not right and it shouldn’t be this way.

What are the hindrances, obstacles, and challenges that are holding your life, leadership, and organization back?

Stage Three: Freedom through Redemption

Through Jesus’ perfect life, sacrificial death and victory over sin and death, those who trust and follow him will be made new. We are free from the death sentence, declared forgiven and in right standing before God.

We are progressively changed and renewed to be new men. We need the hope that there is progress and things can change for the good.

What are the opportunities for renewed growth in your life, leadership, and organization?

Stage Four: Restoration through Consummation

Jesus is coming back to make all things new. There will be a time where all pain, sickness, death and dysfunction will be removed.

The life that God gave in creation, and then was broken through our rebellion, will be renewed as we live on a renewed earth in perfect peace, harmony and life with God and his people. We have hope knowing that all things will work out and be good ultimately.

What could happen if there was a clear and intentional plan to achieve the future vision for your life, leadership, and organization?

How have you experienced the four life stages of dignity, brokenness, freedom and restoration?

Charles Hooper, Jr.