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7th grader's view of how Veteran's gave life for life

Why is Veteran's Day is important? It is important because the men and women who fought for America are the reason for much of what we have, and we need to thank them.

They are the reason we can worship God in public. They are the reason for our freedom. They are the reason America is the greatest country on earth. But this was bought with a price. These are not just men and women, they are husbands, wives, dads, moms, brothers and sisters, the people we love most. They are sacrificing their lives for us. This is called the sacrifice of service.

They are like Jesus when they put their lives on the line. Jesus died for us also to save us from our sin when he was crucified. The meaning of Veterans Day is to thank the veterans for all they have done, because they are the reason we can go to bed at night knowing we are safe. I say this to you with hope. Hope that you will thank them, and hope that you will understand what these people did.

Cole Hooper, 7th Grade Veteran's Day essay

Charles Hooper, Jr.