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A Day of Prayer is good for the Soul

When I joined staff of Campus Outreach in 1987, Curtis Tanner challenged Brian Lewis and me to take one day a month for a day of prayer for the rest of our lives.  I thought to myself "a whole day of prayer! I run out of things to pray after a few minutes!"  Curtis explained to us how to do it and I tried it for the first time.  It was like riding a bicycle for the first time but by the end of the day I decided I in fact would make this my practice the rest of my life.

14 years later, it is one of my favorite days of the month.  When I was in seminary, I read a statistic that the average amount of time pastors pray is six minutes a day. I guess our public prayers on Sundays make the average go up.  These days of prayer have become the foundation of my spiritual formation and the foundation for living an intentional life.

I usually experience intense spiritual warfare before, during and after but God's power prevails and I receive rest, hope, power, perspective and courage to step out in humble boldness.  Our enjoyment of God increases with these extended times of prayer.  I enjoy being a fellow pastor or friend with me so we can meet throughout the day for encouragement, accountability and prayer together.

Why don't you try it one day this month.  You might just start doing it as part of your lifestyle!  I have written a day of prayer guide for a few key subjects.  Email me if you want a copy charles@hoopercoaching.com.

Please Comment: What experience have you had with a day of prayer?  What could happen in your life if you were to have a day of prayer on a regular basis?

Charles Hooper, Jr.