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A trusted friend I have never met

I have just finished reading Eugene Peterson's The Pastor: A Memoir and have a full yet sad feeling.  Peterson has become to me a trusted friend yet I have never met him.  I feel like I know him and I feel like he knows me.  Regardless of what I read from him, his life and calling as a pastor brings such comfort to me as a pastor.  I feel like someone has gone before me on the path of life and then they pause to rest and I am there to hear stories of their journey.  He is patient to listen to me, not judge and give encouragement as one who is a fellow journeyman. Peterson's The Pastor: A Memoir, has provided me a context to understand my calling as a pastor.  I am not defined by the modern business model of what a pastor is.  It is refreshing to be mentored by a pastor who sees his role as a shepherd of souls.

WisdomCharles Hooper, Jr.