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'B'LESS -Be Fully Present with People

Allow me to comment on a positive quality of Tiger Woods. I followed him around the Masters when he won and I was impressed with his focus. As he would cup his hands around his hat to focus on the putt ahead, he blocked out all distractions.

The "B" of BLESS stands for "Be Fully Present". When we are in a significant conversation with people  we need to put our hands around our hat and focus on them. The mental and emotional discipline to focus on people is fueled by the Spirit's desire to love them through us.

When I am in a conversation which goes deeper than "How 'bout them Braves", "Wow the humidity in Atlanta is oppressive" or "who will be the Republican candidate?", the first thing I think of is "OK, now is time to be fully present with this person". What a powerful message to that person that says, "you are important and I want to engage with you in a focused way."

I hate it when I am selfish and distracted around another person at times. I'm thinking "Remember to fill up the car", "Don't forget to send that email", "when will this person stop blabbering on...." and looking at my watch I think "I really like my cheep Timex Ironman watch."

Try it today, when you are talking to someone, show them the value of being an image bearer of God and be fully present with them.