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BL'E'SS -Effectively Ask Questions

The power of well crafted and well asked questions cannot be underestimated.  I love when people ask me good questions and I am having fun effectively asking questions. Teenagers hate to be told what to do, I sure did.  A powerful question can open up the heart in a way that a directive can not.

Jesus was a master question asker.  Take a quick stroll through one of the Gospels and see how he did it.  We can ask people questions about all levels their heart -thoughts, emotions, desires and choices.  It is fun to ask a powerful open ended question and watch it settle into a person's gut as the Spirit does his work.  The silence is golden as they are processing the question and I am praying for a listening heart when they speak.

Please Comment: What are the questions you wish some close friends would ask you?  Try it with them first, ask a good question and see what happens.