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B'L'ESS -Listen in 3 Directions

I remember the first time a mentor of mine said that women can say the same words but it may have four different meanings.  This respected man said "What they say could be their thoughts or emotions or desires or choices or all at the same time."

When I heard this as a young husband I thought to myself, "Oh no, what am I going to do?!"

The skill of listening to another person is hard enough anyway much less listening in 3 directions.  The first direction of listening is when we really hear the other person's words, body language and heart.  The second direction is to listen to our own heart.  This is something which counselors are trained not to do so that in their detachment they can remain objective.  In Biblical fellowship, our hearts do get attached to the other person.  The third direction is to listen to God during the conversation.  I have heard God speak many times whispering to my spirit with a short phrase of truth, a verse or an idea.  As we listen to others in 3 directions, we are giving one of the most cherished love gifts to another person.

I admit of all the BLESS skills, this one is the most challenging to learn and practice.  Try it today when you are having a significant talk with someone!