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BLES'S' -Savor the Moment after Conversations

After a good meal with friends you want to linger and enjoy the memory of the good meal and fellowship.  During one my trips to Brazil we went to a Japanese restaurant and had wonderful food cooked by non-Japanese speaking Brazilians.  We pat our enlarged tummy, tell stories and take pictures to remember that great meal.

When we have experienced a good and engaging conversation, it brings positive emotions and creates good memories which will linger long after it happened.  To savor the moment after an engaging conversation I usually tell the person how encouraging it was.

Sometimes it brings man-tears, a man-hug or man-back-slap.  Women seem to have an easier time "savoring the moment" but thankfully professional athletes have shown men how to do man-cool ways of showing physical expressions of celebration and affirmation.

How do you like to savor the moment after having a  conversation?