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BLE'S'S -Share Your Heart

Most of the time, a normal conversation goes back and forth like a Chinese Ping-Pong match and both of us are trying to get our words out as fast as a we can.  When this happens, there are two conversations happening but neither person really feels like it was that meaningful. After we have been fully present, listened in 3 directions and effectively asked questions we can now share from our own heart.  In the same way that we engaged the other person from all four levels of their heart (thoughts, emotions, desires and choices) we can now engage from our whole heart.  This is especially fun when the other person knows and practices the BLESS skills also.  I am thankful to have a band of brothers who engage me in this way.  How many men live life isolated and alone without having other men to get into their mess with them!

Behind the facade of having it all together, people are longing to be engaged in a meaningful way.  We express the image of God when we offer our whole heart to others in biblical fellowship. Ask God to give you an opportunity to engage with a person you know who needs and wants to hear your heart.