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Larry BoldenI talked to a pastor recently who said, "I feel like I am a good preacher but I don't know how to be a good pastor."  As a leader, you can improve on your interpersonal communication skills with a few simple actions. We decided to take a few coaching sessions to to learn by doing a skill called "BLESS".  Over the next few months we both deepened our heart for people and pastoral ministry.

Larry Bolden, with the Wellspring Group www.wellspringgroup.org, is committed to helping men and women live out of their whole heart.  I would like to the take the next few posts to reflect on the BLESS skills and maybe we can practice them in your relationships.  These posts cover many categories because it applies to all human relationships and even to our relationship with God!

Before I reflect on the skills themselves, I wanted to ask a few questions to prime the pump...

How does it make you feel when you talk to a person and they are all there with you?

What does it do to you when a person really hears your words and your heart?

How do you respond when a person asks you thoughtful and engaging questions?

After you have been heard, how does that cause you to want to listen to the other person?

What is one word which would describe how you would walk away from a conversation like this?

The following posts will be my reflections on the BLESS skills which has changed the way I relate to people and God.