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The BREAD Leaders Need


Bread is a food we are told to limit because it makes us fat, but I believe that leaders need to eat BREAD. It must be a special type of bread for it to give us the nutrients we need.

In John 6, we have the story of a hungry crowd who was listening to Jesus’ teaching. He wanted to feed the crowd so he asked Phillip for his idea on how to feed the crowd. Nothing.

Andrew jumps in and tells Jesus about a little boy who has some bread and fish. Good thinking Andrew!

Jesus takes the lunch, instructs people to sit down in groups, thanks God, and begins to distribute the food. Everyone had enough to eat, and there were baskets full of left overs.

Jesus is the true manna from heaven, the bread of life for all who believe. This is the bread which leaders get to eat daily!

It is interesting to compare the manna to Jesus Christ:

  1. It came from heaven at night; Christ came from heaven when men were in darkness.
  2. It fell on the dew; Christ came, born of the Spirit of God.
  3. It was not defiled by the earth; Christ was sinless, separate from sinners.
  4. It was small, round, and white, suggesting His humility, eternality, and purity.
  5. It was sweet to the taste; Christ is sweet to those who trust Him.
  6. It had to be taken and eaten; Christ must be received and appropriated by faith.
  7. It came as a free gift; Christ is the free gift of God to the world.
  8. There was sufficient for all; Christ is sufficient for all.
  9. If you did not pick it up, you walked on it; if you do not receive Christ, you reject Him and walk on Him.
  10. It was wilderness food; Christ is our food in this pilgrim journey to heaven.

As I coach leaders, I pray that they will eat a special kind of BREAD.

Ingredients for the Bread of Life

Breakthroughs. It is amazing how we don’t know what we don’t know until a new insight causes a breakthrough. Once that happens, we are able to move forward beyond the stuck places.

Results. It is discouraging when we try to change and don’t get the results we desire. When we do get the results we want, we are able to press ahead with greater motivation. We want results both internally and externally. We want results that will last.

Energy. It used to be popular to “manage time,” but many leaders are tapping into the idea of “managing energy”. There are energy drainers and energy givers which must be monitored as currency. If we can increase our energy, we will be better leaders.

Answers. There are big questions we leaders need answers to, and they usually don’t come easily. When we team up with an objective person like a coach, we will see more answers starting to emerge. I also pray that the men I coach will have unusual answers to prayer during the time we are coaching. This is a sacred space where God shows up in powerful ways.

Development. If we are not developing, we are dying. This is true in our careers. Many have settled in and are just punching the clock. We want and need development to stay fresh and focused. Something happens in coaching where we can develop vision, character, knowledge and skills so much faster than if we go it alone.

So eat away! This BREAD which comes from heaven will feed you like no other. Jesus is this bread of life. May he give you breakthroughs, results, energy, answers and development as you seek to follow Him and lead others.

Which one of these ingredients would you say you need the most now?

Image Courtesy of BillionPhotos/BigStockPhoto.com