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The Calling of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was a man of deep faith and not a selfish gold digger as we are taught in the politically correct history books today. His sense of calling is compelling.  

imagesHe had an integrated faith with his calling and he saw all wisdom as God's wisdom. Listen to this portion of a letter he wrote to Queen Isabella of Castille and King Ferdinand of Aragon.

In his Libro de las profecias (Book of Prophecies), Christopher Columbus wrote:

I found Our Lord very well-disposed toward this desire, and he gave me the spirit of intelligence for it. He prospered me in seamanship and supplied me with the necessary tools for astrology, as well as geometry and arithmetic and ingenuity of intellect and of manual skill to draw spherical maps which show cities, rivers and mountains, islands and ports—everything in its proper place.

At this time I have seen and put in study to look into all the Scriptures, cosmography, histories, chronicles and philosophy and other arts, which our Lord opened to my understanding (I could sense His hand upon me), so that it became clear to me that it was feasible to navigate from here to the Indies; and He unlocked within me the determination to execute the idea.

Think about your future with these questions…

  • What are you sensing God is being very well-disposed to give you as a calling for the days ahead?
  • What has He given you to carry out your calling?
  • What do you want to study from the Scriptures and other sources to prepare for the next chapter of your calling?
  • What do you want to ask God to unlock within you to execute the idea you have?

Please share a comment about what you have learned about pursuing your calling.

Charles Hooper, Jr.