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Diver Down: Go Deep or Go Home!

One motto which is true in developing leaders is the same as diving, "Go Deep or Go Home!"

I long for deep relationships which get beyond the surface.  It seems that many people want deeper relationships.  When someone asks me powerful questions something exciting happens inside me.

It makes me want to grow, develop and be the person I was created to be.  People generally respond when we go deeper with them -if they are willing.

When a discipleship group is only focused on "doing the curriculum", people walk to their cars feeling that something is missing.  Knowledge transference is not the main focus of leadership development, it is life transformation.  A curriculum can assist in that process but it will not bring about life change.

[linkedin_share style="none"] "Truth Incarnate" is the principle of leadership development.  When we "go deep or go home" by engaging other people's heart with the gospel, we are on our way of seeing lives changed.

This week I heard a story from a man who was a in a group which faithfully covered the surface things of the curriculum but rarely went deep.  One meeting a man in the group shared a deep issue in his life and hoped to be engaged by the leader or a group member in a meaningful way.  What happened next was that the leader uncomfortably transitioned the conversation back to the curriculum.  This is discipleship gone bad!

In our discipleship relationships and groups, let's "Go Deep or Go Home!" so that our lives are changed by God through the gospel!

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