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Engaging the Heart with Gospel



The gospel transforms every relationship from a heart level.  What could happen if we improved our ability to engage one another from the whole heart with the power of the gospel?

When the Bible talks about the “heart” it refers to our thoughts, choices, emotions and desires. To be fully human means we relate to God and others from our whole heart.  As men, it is easy to relate to God and others from our thoughts and choices while neglecting our emotions and desires. (thanks Larry Bolden and Wellspring)

Romans 7 describes the wrestling match that believers go through.  There is a dark and light side of our sanctification.  The “Gospel Waltz” (thanks Dr. Bob Flayhart) is the Christian’s response to that wrestling match.  We repent, believe and obey as if it were a dance of 1-2-3, 1-2-3, etc.

  • We repent of the lies, foolish choices, harmful emotions and distorted desires.

  • We believe the truth, make wise choices, experience healthy emotions and embrace deeply divine desires.

  • All this results in obedient actions which honor God and serve others.

When we combine the Four Levels of the Heart and the Gospel Waltz with some powerful, curious and open-ended questions, a great tool emerges.



These 12 questions can be used to engage someone from their heart with the gospel.  All you have to do is simply ask the question, listen and pray.  That’s it -ask, listen and pray.  You will be amazed at what happens in the person you are engaging.

  1. What would you like to be engaged from your whole heart about?

  2. What lies are you believing?

  3. What foolish choices have you made?

  4. What harmful feelings do you have?

  5. What distorted desires do you have?

  6. What sins do you need to repent of?

  7. What is the truth?

  8. What are the wise choices?

  9. What are the healthy feelings?

  10. What are the deep desires you have?

  11. What truths do you need to believe?

  12. What do you need to obey in the power of the Spirit?

I keep this list handy in my journal so I can walk through gospel transformation often.  You may want to copy and use this!  We have taught this process to hundreds of leaders and they tell us this is one of the most significant aspects of the training.

Try it out!  When a fellow Christ-follower wants to talk to you about an issue or situation in their life, ask them if you can ask them 12 simple questions so they can be engaged from their whole heart by the gospel.  Ask, Listen and Pray and see what the Holy Spirit will do!

Comments: Share with me how it went, I want to celebrate with you!

MentoringCharles Hooper, Jr.