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Enjoying Sundays More

How can you enjoy Sunday more?

One year I wanted to watch the Super Bowl and it made me think about enjoying the Sabbath.  I look forward to a good football game like any other guy.  My view of sabbath-keeping doesn't bring the same excitement I felt that day wanting to watch football.

It made me evaluate my view of the sabbath...

The Sabbath is part of the Ten Commandments -check 

The early church started to celebrate the Sabbath on Sundays because of Christ’s resurrection -check

Christians believe we are to keep the Sabbath -check

Christians know how to keep the Sabbath in the 21st century -what? come again? huh?

Let’s move away from the moralistic and religious notion of “you can’t do ______ because it is Sunday”. check


What would our Sunday-Sabbaths look like if we had the mindset of:

-I get to do these things -This day is a good gift with good benefits -This day is actually for my wellbeing -This is a day of declared un-busy-ness

What are some of the things we can enjoy on our Sunday Sabbaths?

  • Enjoy sleeping in by going to bed early on Saturday night. As we know God starts a new day in the evening.
  • Enjoy having a casual breakfast-morning routine unlike other days. Sorry to young families, you will get to this place one day. Raising 6 boys on Sunday mornings was just as chaotic as other days.  That’s why I am writing this after my children are older!
  • Enjoy being enjoyed by God through public worship. We get to celebrate our Creator and Redeemer!  He celebrates us because we are in Him.
  • Enjoy seeing friends in the lobby and having holy-small-talk. It is in that context that a person's heart is revealed and we see God’s image coming through so true fellowship emerges.
  • Enjoy a lunch meal with family and friends. We don’t have to have a 45 minute business lunch and get back to work.  We can relax and enjoy. Again this sounds like an oxymoron to young families, but hey enjoy the chaos while it lasts, these days will quickly move on.
  • Enjoy a holy nap.  Seems like Kindergarten and Retirement are good times for naps, Sunday-Sabbath naps are rest we need to start our week off right.
  • Enjoy time alone with God. Those weekday drive-through quiet times are ok but there is not enough time to sit down and enjoy the meal. Sunday afternoons can be feast days with Jesus. Extended time enjoying reading the Bible and thinking about it along with a relaxed conversation is great.
  • Enjoy recharging our batteries. What is it that recharges your batteries? Do it! You have permission to do this rest-giving activity on this special day.
  • Enjoy not having to drive your kids to sports-friend's houses-parties. Enjoy taking a break from studying for school, thinking and talking about work. Enjoy the food and items we went shopping for other days.  Today is a day to chill.  No one has made you busy except yourself!!

What are some of the ways you enjoy your Sunday?  What do you want to start enjoying?

BurnoutCharles Hooper, Jr.