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On the eve of a major achievement

For the last three years I have been preparing myself with a new skill set of Leadership Coaching. It has been a dream since I was in college. Taking on an achievement like this in post-mid life has been very challenging and rewarding. I am on the eve of taking the Professional Certified Coach written exam.  This is the last step of a major accomplishment. I have already completed 125 hours of coach specific training through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. I have  logged in over 800 hours of coaching some amazing leaders around the world. I have received 30 hours of mentoring coaching from two amazing coaches, Gary Wood and Vicki Corrington.


Reflect with me on the possible lessons and benefits you can gain from accomplishing a major achievement in your adult life and career.

  1. It is motivating to have a goal which is driven by the desire to benefit other people's lives and leadership.
  2. Your career is enhanced and you have a new skill set and knowledge base to draw from.
  3. Time management takes on a new level with so many adult responsibilities to manage.
  4. When the achievement connects to your life calling there is great satisfaction.  (I think I avoided a mid-life crisis by accomplishing this achievement!)
  5. You have a new lease on life which drives growth both personally but professionally.
  6. It motivates others to accomplish a major achievement.
  7. It protects us from burnout by giving us a new challenge.
  8. You will be motivated to let go of lesser things like distractions, worry, anger and fear.

What are some of the lessons and benefits you have gained from accomplishing a major achievement in your adult life and career? 

What is a major achievement you would want to accomplish before you finish the race? 

CoachingCharles Hooper, Jr.