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Give me a Man of God

Give me a man of God  -George Liddell

Note: This prayer is very dangerous, 
be careful if you pray it because God  
will always answer this one! 


Give me a man of God - One man!
Whose faith is master of his mind.
And I will right the world of wrongs,
And bless the name of all mankind.
Give me a man of God - One man!
Whose tongue is touched with heaven's fire,
And I will flame the darkest hearts
With high resolve and clean desire.
Give me a man God - One man!
One mighty prophet of the Lord,
And I will give you peace on the earth
Bought with a prayer not a sword.
Give me a man of God - One man!
True to the vision that he sees,
And I will build Your broken shrines
And bring the nations to their knees.

Charles Hooper, Jr.