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Graduation Legacies

Graduation!  My #1, #3 and #5 sons graduated from middle school, high school and college the Spring of 2013!  I think I am too tired to celebrate.

Graduation is a time of celebration and if we are honest a time of grief.

Celebration that the current situation is over and that a new chapter is around the corner.  Grief that the good memories will soon be passed over and new challenges will be before us.

Graduation represents legacy.  We leave something behind and move on to something new.  The memories make the challenges of the past seem a little easier than they were in reality.

The lofty words from the student who spent 4 years getting the highest grade resonates throughout the school gym, neighborhood church or city stadium but are almost forgotten by the time the celebration meal is finished.

It is a legacy of the hard work that the parents have made to bring the student to this point in their life.  The time flies by and if we are not careful we will miss the sense of legacy right before our eyes.

God is providentially orchestrating our lives for a purpose though many times veiled behind the circumstances we experience.  Graduation brings reunions.  Reunions bring memories.  Memories are what legacy is made of.

The wise only wish the younger could discern the lessons of life that lay before them.  They know from their own experience that experience itself is the teacher who says learn from your experience.

It will be two more years that I will have  the same rotation of graduates from middle school, high school and college.  What can I do to help my boys live for the legacy which far outweighs the speeches, robes, pictures, yearbook signings and tassel turning?

What will you do in the graduations of your life to make a legacy?

Charles Hooper, Jr.