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Called Man: Jason's Keys to Success


I am fascinated by called men who are living out their purpose.  

This is from my friend Jason who shares three keys to success in his life. God has blessed me with the gift of courage, public speaking and the drive to compete in the workplace. I have a passion to listen/understand an enterprise client's needs and deliver a "solution" that impacts bottom line results. The ability to make a difference and develop true personal/professional relationships is what's most exhilarating as a digital marketing software sales executive.

Over the years I've also discovered a gift of mentoring and discipling high school young men at Perimeter Church's Watershed Ministry. It's been a complete joy to connect with the youth of today, cultivate a trusted relationship to the point that full transparency develops and shepherd them through the highs/lows of teenage years leading up to college.

One key to success is to realize how richly God has also blessed me with a beautiful wife and three healthy boys. I also love the sport of triathlon and do my best to integrate the three disciplines of swim-bike-run into my lifestyle. I'm constantly challenged with trying to balance my passion for work and fitness as well as my deep love for my family and to appropriate the right amount of "time" to each.

Another key to success is the importance of life-on-life discipleship. The unconditional love and accountability of other fellow men has certainly sustained my walk in Christ and reminded me of God's never ending love and his grace.

The third key to success and the most important realization or truth from my perspective is that it's "not about me", but it's all about Him. I'm so selfish in so many ways and through Christ's love and his death are we all set free. And that's the greatest gift of all.

Thanks for reaching out and allowing me to share my perspectives on life. Happy to help anytime and look forward to reconnecting soon.

In Him, Jason