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Jesus' Prayer Plan For You

Jesus' prayer in John 17 is usually called the "High Priestly Prayer", it could also be called the "Lord's Prayer".  Jesus prays for himself, his disciples and for those who would believe through them. It is very interesting to see what he focuses on in his prayer.  This may be helpful to you in your prayers for yourself, those you are discipling, and those who will believe through them.  Watch what might happen if you starting praying this way!


Praying for Himself (verses 1-5)

  1. Glorify your Son that the Son may glorify you.
  2. Give me strength to use the authority to go and make disciples of all nations.
  3. May I continue to experience eternal life by knowing Jesus as the only true God.
  4. May I glorify you by discipling a few men.
  5. May your presence be close to me as I glorify you.

Praying for the few disciples (verses 6-19)

  1. God help me manifest your character to the disciples.
  2. God these men are stewarded to me for a short time and they are yours.
  3. Allow me to give them your words.
  4. Keep these men in your character and protection as they are in the world.
  5. Help me guard them so not one of them falls out of the race.
  6. May we experience fulfilled joy!
  7. They would take the word and eat it up!
  8. Let them rejoice when the world hates them.
  9. Keep them from the evil one.
  10. Sanctify them in the word of truth.
  11. Send them into the world where they live, work and play to share the gospel in word and deed using their unique design.
  12. Consecrate me so they also may be set apart in truth.

Praying for the Spiritual Generations (verses 20-26)

  1. Raise up spiritual children, grandchildren and generations of your elect children.
  2. Make your followers gathered in the church militant be one so the world will believe.
  3. Let your followers reflect your glory to reflect the unity of the Trinity.
  4. Jesus in them so they would be perfectly one.
  5. The world would know that the Father sent Jesus to love the church (world).
  6. The men would be "with" Jesus.
  7. The disciples would know that Jesus was sent by the Father.
  8. Allow me to continually make known to them your character.
  9. May God's love be in me be also in them.

What deep desires are stirred within you as you think about Jesus' prayer?

Charles Hooper, Jr.