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Lance Armstrong, Love, and How to Lead Powerfully

The power of a life on life relationship was highlighted for me as I have been following the news about Lance Armstrong’s fall from fame into the infamous history of doping athletes. Lance and Love

A psychiatrist wrote an article for Fox News that illustrates the power a father, or lack thereof, has on a child.

Interesting perspective on what drives many overachievers in sports, business, ministry and politics.

At two years old, Lance’s dad abandoned the family and left an emotional hole in the child’s heart.  Studies confirm that children who have been abandoned can become over achievers so they can gain love and acceptance from others.  Lance’s intensity on the bike surely has deeper roots than competition.

The psychiatrist says, “An abandoned and forgotten boy is—absent extraordinary healing—forever an abandoned and forgotten boy. Two years old is plenty old enough to be torn apart at the level of the soul by the abrupt severing, without explanation, of a father-son bond.  It is plenty old enough to be shredded by the haunting suspicion that one is unworthy and unlovable.  It is plenty old enough to set the stage for a decades-long race for enough fame and adulation to fill the emotional black hole inside you that keeps threatening to make you disappear into it.”

While many are attacking Armstrong, this doctor shares this statement of grace.  ”You see, to truly Livestrong after being injured catastrophically as a boy by abandonment requires looking at your pain, sitting with it, really feeling it, not trying to outdistance it—which is impossible and a race to oblivion.  It requires realizing that you were always lovable, even if you were unloved, and that false fame and a Superman-lean frame will only separate you from that healing reality, which many people correctly call God.”

Will Lance Armstrong ever fess up and face the truth?

Wow, the power of love in a life on life relationship grounds us in life.  Those who are in relationship with God through Jesus Christ hear their heavenly Father saying to them, “You are my beloved child, in whom I am well pleased”.  I want and need to hear this often! Let’s pray that Lance finds this love, acceptance and affirmation through the gospel of grace as he is falling from biking-grace.

Charles Hooper, Jr.