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Inside-Out Leadership Behavior Change


All leaders have behavioral blind spots which can derail or hold us back in our career. With an inside-out approach, these behaviors can be curtailed into positive leadership behaviors.

Stop sending “scorch the earth” emails!

During a performance review, my boss told me that in person I am a good communicator. On the other hand, when I communicate by email, they sometimes feel like “scorch the earth” messages – harsh, angry sounding and passive-aggressive.

We worked on my written communication style in order to develop a better strategy.

I was shocked by my behavioral blind spot.

Some changes needed to be made so I processed with a coach.

I was able to process my internal motivations which were rooted in a latent frustration with working in a large organization. We worked on my written communication style to develop a better strategy.

Hopefully I am not sending “scorch the earth” emails any longer.

Which of these derailing behaviors do you struggle with?

  • blind spots
  • anger management
  • arrogance or avoidance
  • passive aggressiveness
  • overly defensive
  • critical and cynical
  • conflict avoidance
  • rambling communication style
  • blaming others and not taking responsibility
  • mother-may-I micromanagement
  • stuck in your ways
  • unaccountable
  • brown-noser

Which of these positive changes do you desire?

  • Talent or strength that you can build on by adding a specific behavior
  • Skill which needs to be developed
  • Accurate view of your leadership through a 360 Verbal Assessment
  • Leadership tune up
  • Accelerate your advancement in your organization
  • Aspire toward greater authority and influence

The Benefits of making Inside-Out Leadership Behavioral Change include:

  • Moving forward in your career
  • Getting better results
  • Perceptions of others will change for the better
  • Relationships with others will improve
  • Seeing incremental change
  • Feedback loop is created so you can see incremental change
  • Specific leadership competencies can improve
  • Increased leadership confidence

When I help leaders with Inside-Out Leadership Behavior Change, there are 14 areas we discuss. The result is a comprehensive plan for true and lasting change.

Highlights of the Inside-Out Leadership Behavior Change Framework:

  • Identifying behavioral blind spots
  • Assessment of heart motivations through thoughts, emotions, desires and choices
  • Choosing one, specific and easy-to-recognize behavior
  • Conducting a 360 degree Verbal Assessment
  • Developing a habit based on current brain science research
  • Measuring change in the context of observers
  • Use of tools such as journaling, pre-planning, affirmation, vision, rewards, de-stressing, self-talk, etc.
  • Performance review perspective

The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists ~ Japanese Proverb

For a follower of Jesus, we know that true and lasting change comes through the power of the Gospel as the Holy Spirit makes the changes. With this supernatural power and the common-grace tools mentioned above, we can hope of change!

What is the one behavior which you would like to change or develop that would make a significant difference in your leadership?