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Identity Protection During Performance Reviews

Getting off the “I am who I perform to be,” broken down ferris wheel is a real challenge for leaders. Our identity is propped up with our performance, achievements, completed projects, and goals reached. No other time does this come to the surface than during performance reviews and appraisals.

leadership identity performance review
leadership identity performance review

Like you, I have felt this tension of my identity being based on how I perform. The up and down nature of this thinking can be exhausting.

As leaders, we must perform as we carry out the mission. We must produce products, services, and results.

Getting off the ferris wheel allows us to base our leadership identity on who we are rather than what we do. With this identity, we have the power and motivation to move out in action.

The Foundation of Our Identity Moves Us from Fear to Faith

Right now, our organization is going through the annual “Performance Reviews”. This can be a stressful time where fears come up like...

“Will I get reprimanded?”

“Will I get a pink slip this time?”

“Do I have what it takes?”

“Will I get a raise this year?” 

“Have I done enough to make my boss pleased?"

“Have I reached enough of the goals to make the organization successful?"

For a Kingdom Leader, our identity in Christ is the foundation of our identity. Once embraced, we can go into that Performance Review or Appraisal with faith and confidence on who we really are.

Although many of us have seen lists like this before, it never gets too old or familiar to lose its power to encourage us.


  • A Saint
  • Faithful in Christ Jesus
  • Given Grace
  • Made Part of Christ’s Body
  • Given Mercy
  • Given Peace
  • Blessed with Every Spiritual Blessing
  • Chosen Before the Foundation of the World
  • Holy and Blameless
  • Loved
  • Predestined for Adoption
  • Adopted as a Son
  • Redeemed through His Blood
  • Forgiven of Trespasses
  • Lavished with Grace
  • Given Knowledge of the Mystery of His Will
  • Sealed with the Holy Spirit
  • Guaranteed an Inheritance
  • Given Faith
  • Given Hope
  • Given God’s Power
  • Made Alive with Christ
  • Saved by Grace
  • Raised up with Christ
  • Seated with Christ in the Heavenly Places
  • A Display of God’s Grace/Kindness in the Coming Ages
  • Given the Gift of Salvation
  • God’s Workmanship
  • Created in Christ Jesus for Good Works
  • No Longer a Stranger to the Covenants of Promise
  • Brought Near by the Blood of Christ
  • Made Part of One New Man
  • Reconciled to God
  • Given Access to the Father
  • A Fellow Citizen with the Saints
  • A Member of God’s Household
  • A Holy Temple (United with other Believers)
  • Being Built Together into a Dwelling Place for God with Other Believers

How has your Leadership Identity during Performance Reviews been strengthened by who you are in Christ?

CareerCharles Hooper, Jr.