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I love using Coaches Console as a coaching business software

Finding Coaching Console has significantly helped the coaching business software side of my business grow ever since I started using it. I love coaching but admit I am an accidental entrepreneur when it comes to the business side of things. I used a simple folder set-up when I started but after quickly getting more clients I needed something more robust and professional.


From time to time I get asked the question of “how do you keep all the details of the coaching business straight?”

Here are my reasons I love Coaches Console as my coaching business software and some advice if you want to look into it.

  1. It was my website for the months I was having my website developed.  You could use it as your only website if you wanted to.
  2. There are opt in forms built into the system so you can send auto responders to potential clients.
  3. You can set up various pages and publish content easily just like you do with your word processor.
  4. The Form feature is great! You can design various forms for clients to fill out during all stages of the coaching relationship. Examples like a Coaching Readiness Form so a client can see if they are ready.  A Discovery Form helps you and the client start off the coaching relationship on the right foot.  Three Month Evaluation allows your client to step back and see what has happened.
  5. You can upload key documents so clients have access to resources you provide.  You can control the level of access they have.
  6. Communication with your clients is made easy.  Emails are sent out with your branding and logo while keeping a record of all your communication.
  7. Invoicing clients is made easy through various merchant services.  I use Authorize.net which syncs nicely to Coaches Console.  There is an automatic invoicing service available or you can enter their credit card information.
  8. For an additional price you can add a shopping cart feature to sell products and services.
  9. The reporting feature is excellent for tax preparation, income projections and client notes.
  10. You can organize clients based on a status of active, inactive, hot leads, prospects and buyers.  Groups can also be set up if you are doing group coaching.
  11. Setting appointments is easy for you and for your client.  There is a link you can put on your website, social media or email so people can see your calendar and chose appointment times that you have set up.  A client can change an appointment without having to play phone/email tag with you.
  12. You can sync your Console calendar with most other calendar services.
  13. There are great training videos and resources to help you maximize the software.
  14. There is a stripped down mobile version I use on my iPad if I need to look up some information about a client.
  15. Customer Service is very responsive and helpful.

Some things to keep in mind for the sake of full disclosure:

  • It is expensive for coaching business software but worth every hard earned coaching dollar.
  • The newsletter feature is very basic, I use another email marketing service.
  • You need to set aside plenty of time to get it set up.  It reminds me of working with a PC rather than a Mac. I got about 70% set up and then hired a certified Coaches Console Virtual Assistant (Anne Barton is great) to help me finish the set up.
Check out Coaches Console out for yourself!
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