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What Myers-Briggs Profile do you need in a Leadership Coach?



The profile of a coach is important for you to get the results you want.  Some people are not a fit for you and others are just right.  As you are considering leadership coaching, think out about your potential coach's profile.

The Myers-Briggs is an industry standard and can give you a good glimpse of the coach's profile.  If you are talking to a potential coach, simply ask them "What is your Myers-Briggs profile?".  If they don't know, hang up the phone.

Here is my Myers-Briggs Coaching Profile and how it will benefit you!

  • As a dominant intuitive, I will tend to notice meanings, possibilities and patterns in your life rather than the mundane facts and details of your life. I respond well to the intangibles of life.

  • As an INTJ, my dominant preference of intuition is introverted, making me original, visionary and creative as it relates to designing your development and growth as a leader.

  • My thinking preference means that I will apply originality to identifying patterns and meanings in your leadership and analyzing them with you objectively. I am a logical, theoretical and system oriented leadership coach.

  • Under the stimulus of my ingenuity and drive to discover, I will focus more on your possibilities for the future than in the here-and-now. I enjoy working with clients who want opportunities for change, challenge and variety.

  • As your inspiring ally, I will challenge the status quo and help you find ways to overcome apparently insurmountable difficulties.

  • As a INTJ coach, I bring a strong intellect and can help you think strategically and effectively on both the macro and micro levels.

  • As the picture above shows, I am steady, no drama and focused on getting you the results you want!

What type of coach do you think you would best respond to?