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One-Page Career Plan


Regardless of where you are in your career, you would greatly benefit from having a one-page career plan.

Where are you now in your career?

  • A sitting duck who is bored in my career now
  • I want to advance in my career but don’t exactly know how
  • I'm considering making a role / job / career change
  • I've started in a new role or job and want to pour a stable foundation
  • I want to increase my powerbase through key relationships
  • I want to develop my technical and functional skills

If you have been in the workforce for a number of years, you have probably experienced all these scenarios.

It seems like every 3-5 years in my career there has been some type of change. This could be either internally in the organization or making a transition to a new organization.

Ever since college, I have seen a robust yet simple career plan to be like a GPS for my career development. This is a season I am updating my career plan and would love to talk to you if you would like to talk about yours.

The Benefits of designing a one-page career plan include:

  • Clarity about career and the various dimensions of career planning
  • Brainstorming on a variety of possibilities to move forward
  • Committing to clear steps to take to advance your career
  • Reduction of career risk by being a high-value leader

One-Page Career Plan

There are 7 parts of the One-Page Career Plan which can bring these benefits. Each of the 7 parts have more exercises and questions to help you design your plan. Here are some summary questions to get on the road with your plan.

  1. Spike (Like in Volleyball) = Where will I be the best?
  2. Value = What value will I provide to others?
  3. Vision = What is the vision for my career? You could write a list, draw a picture, think of a metaphor, and imagine what others would say about your influence.
  4. Values = What is most important to me which guides my career decisions?
  5. Steps = What are likely steps that my career might take?
  6. Double Spike (think of a two handed power spike in volleyball) = Where am I now in the double spike framework (Sitting Duck, Caught in the Middle, Networker, Guru or Double Spiker)
  7. One-Page Career Plan = Pulling together all the elements.  This becomes a living and breathing document which can be updated throughout your career!

“One of the greatest things about life is not so much where we stand as what direction we are going.” ~ Anonymous

How could your career and influence be accelerated by a one-page career plan? Let's Talk!