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Passing the Baton: Old Year to New Year Transition

Making a smooth transition from the current year to the next year is critical for leaders who desire to make an impact. The end of the year provides a great opportunity to reflect, refocus and refuel so we are ready for a new year. May your baton pass be a good one! Leaders pass the baton

4 Ways to Transition the Old Year to the New Year

Journal. Ever since I was in high school, I have been journaling. It all started when I would write down my basketball achievements, then it expanded to talk about the cute girls I was interested in. It grew to include my thoughts and dreams about the future.

It developed into a way to talk to God and reflect on what I was learning from simple and short times reading the Bible. Journaling has become an addiction to me, one that makes up a core leadership practice.

How do you document significant thoughts, feelings, ideas, events and prayers?

Reflection. At the end of each month, I read over my journal and write down the highlights and lowlights. This is done with a spirit of thanksgiving to God for his faithfulness. At the end of each year, I read over my yearly summary of highlights and lowlights.

I see trends, lessons and the fingerprints of God who providentially has directed me, my family, ministry, and business. I then pull together the master summary of that year’s highlights and lowlights and have a wonderful worship time when I see what God has done in and through me.

What were the highlights and lowlights of this past year you would like to reflect on?

Refocus. When I see what happened last year, I am motivated to look ahead to the new year and the new opportunities which are coming. Focus is a very powerful tool we, as leaders, have to concentrate on a few things which will be most helpful. The freedom focus brings allows us to say no to distractions and release us from unnecessary burdens.

This past year, I read three excellent books around the theme of focus: The One Thing, Essentialism, and What’s Best Next. The principles from these books brought tremendous energy to refocus on things which really matter. This leads me into the goal setting process which will be the focus of the next blog.

What are things you would like to refocus on as you think about the transition to the new year?

Refuel. Although December and the Christmas season is traditionally considered a busy season, there are pockets of rest which can be built in. I have found that taking the last two weeks of December to reflect, refocus and refuel is a fruitful practice.

Once I have reflected on the previous year and narrowed down a few key goals for the new year, I can then get fueled up for the new year. It is fun to review God’s promises and to be reminded about his faithfulness. Reading large portions of Scripture over the holidays really fills up the tanks. Psalms and Proverbs have been especially helpful for me to refuel with worship and wisdom.

How do you want to refuel so you are ready for the new year transition?

As you pass the baton from this year to the next, may your reflecting, refocusing and refueling help you carry out God’s calling on your life!


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