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Pulling up Carrots too early

When I was about 7 years old, I decided to grow some carrots. My mom bought some seeds and I dug up the ground for my first mini-garden.  I planted the seeds and began the slow and painful process of waiting for them to grow. I forgot about the carrots after a week or so and didn't think of them again till I walked home from elementary school and noticed some green shoots growing up.  Each day they got taller and taller until I couldn't stand to not know what was happening. One day after school, I pulled up one of the carrots to my amazement that there was a mini-carrot growing on the bottom!  I was so excited that my crop was growing.  I stuffed the carrot back into the ground to let it grow more.

Each day I would pull that carrot out of the ground to see how much it was growing only to realize that it was staying the same size.  I pulled out other carrots and realized they too were the same size.  After a week my carrots started turning brown and so I asked my mom why my carrots where not growing.  She graciously said to me "Son, if you pull the carrots up each day they will not be able to grow".  I left my carrots alone for the next few weeks but the damage had been done.

I am not patient with God.  I want to see growth in my life or in the lives of those I love.  I have tried to pull up the carrots to see progress only to find out that my zeal without patience has brought death instead of life.  "Oh God, I am so impatient to see the work you are doing in my life.  I am so impatient with the work you are doing in the lives of people I love.  When I am impatient, I am bringing death and thwarting life.  Let me be patient with you as you are bringing about life."

Note: This psycho child wearing a death T-shirt is not me but no doubt a child just like me who pulled his carrots up before time!