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Putting Your Quiet Time on ICE

Quiet Time with God on ICE
Quiet Time with God on ICE

With so many pressures of life and leadership, one challenge for a kingdom leader is letting our quiet times with the Lord get lukewarm. Here are a few thoughts on putting your quiet time on ICE.

Recently, I received this email from a businessman I am coaching:

I know this is going to sound elementary, but I have struggled forever with my ‘quiet time’.  I don’t want to be legalistic, but I like a plan. I like to listen to stuff on my iPhone.

Every kingdom leader has the privilege of having a relationship with God because of his grace towards us. This privilege can be neglected when the pressure gets too high.

We know that our relationship with Jesus is important. We have access to him through the means of grace, but sometimes our walk with him just becomes lukewarm.

As I have struggled with this on and off for many years, I have found myself desiring a relationship with God which is intimate, creative, and enjoyable. This has become a good indicator for me on how my relationship with Jesus has been going.

I have been putting my quiet time on ICE, and it chills the lukewarm away!

ICE = Intimate, Creative, Enjoyable


God holds onto us when we don’t have the strength to hold on to him. His initiating and intentional grace draws us in an attractive way into closeness with him. This intimacy allows us to go beyond routine devotions to experience a deep friendship with him.

How are you experiencing intimacy with God now? 


Look outside and see the creativity of our Father. Could it be that he wants us to experience him in creative ways? Get out of your routine quiet time and try new things. Learn from the ancient practices. Try a new spiritual discipline. Read the Old Testament and look for Jesus. Pray through a Psalm while walking down your street. Do something different.

What are some creative ways you and the Father could spend time together? 


God actually enjoys us because we are his beloved child in Christ. That same enjoyment of his smile on us allows us to get caught up in enjoyment of him. This one aspect has transformed the way I relate to God. I have found ways to enjoy God which take a boring and dutiful quiet time and turn it into a feast of joy.

How can you increase joy in your time with your Father? 

I responded to the leader with this email:

Me too.  Having a plan has helped me. I have swung from both extremes. Right now, I am reading or listening to the Psalms and just talking to my Father.  Nothing fancy, but I look forward to that time with God.  I use “You Version,” and they have various plans.  I can read it or let a guy with a cool voice read it to me!  https://www.bible.com/.  Hope this helps!

My prayer for you is that as you are putting your quiet time on ICE you would be refreshed with an intimate, creative, and enjoyable friendship with Jesus!

What are some ways you as a kingdom leader have refreshed your relationship with God? 

*Image Courtesy of  leungchopan/BigStockPhoto.com.