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Reflections on Reflecting

  Reflecting is almost a lost art these days.

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You know it is bad when you have to schedule time to reflect.  It usually takes me two or three days at the lake, beach or mountain before the reflecting muscles get warmed up.  A long car ride alone can wake up the reflection juices.  Some people like to reflect with people and do it verbally.

Some people like to reflect alone and in writing.  For some reason introverts seem to have a corner on the reflecting market but reflection is for all personality types.  Extroverts have a verbal style of reflecting  so it doesn't appear as if they are really reflecting "properly".  How do you like to reflect?  When is the last time you were able to have a good reflection time?

I am an introverted reflective person and like to do it alone and in writing.  I have made it a practice to keep a journal since I was 14 years old and I am 50 now and still journaling.  I have used various tools to cause reflection to really work -paper journals, notebooks, digital journals.  It has not been a discipline but rather something I really enjoy.

I have taken a monthly Day of Prayer since 1989 and look forward to that day almost more than Christmas morning!  I read about the good, bad and ugly of my life through the leans of God's providence.  It is overwhelmingly amazing to see the faithfulness of God through all these years.  The power of reflection can open up rich fellowship with God and personal awareness of ourselves.  Even this short "reflections on reflecting" has brought a strange stability in the midst of a busy day.

Please Comment: How do you reflect and what benefits do you see?

BurnoutCharles Hooper, Jr.