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Remember What's Important

When I think about the practice of life on life living, my hero is my wife Jill.  This is a sign she has over the stove and it reminds us all about living above the normal.

Ever since I met Jill she has been an energetic, fun and spontaneous person. This has been a wonderful compliment to my steady, organized and calm personality. She has a way of doing life which gives life to others.

When she is at home carrying out her calling to help me raise boys to be men, she brings that fun spontaneity which has communicated love to the boys for many years.  She has passed to them a  strength which will carry them far in life.

When she is meeting with women, they seem to open up to her in an amazing way.  They feel comfortable about Jill because she has no pretense of having it together.  This honesty and authenticity causes others to be attracted to her gracious style.

Jill's "remember what's important" loving and living is what gives me the energy to carry out my calling. She has taught me how to love well and lead well.  I am a far better person because of her life.  It is pretty amazing to me that she is influencing 7 men who will influence many others.  Now that is a legacy!

I will be thanking Jill today on our 25th Wedding Anniversary and honoring her for living life in a "remember what's important" way.

Charles Hooper, Jr.