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Resolved to Say No!

The two weeks after January is a time of "New Year's Illusions".  I have not set New Year's Resolutions for the last few years and found it to be liberating!


Now some might think I'm lazy yet that would only be true on vacation and when it comes to home repairs.  On the contrary, I am very productive and effective without always claiming the "I'm so busy" metal of honor which our culture is in bondage to.

Here's a theory which needs more testing. You cannot be effective in saying yes to new year's resolutions without first experiencing the freedom of saying no to people, places and things.  

Here are some of my "No" list items which have brought great focus, productivity and freedom.  I actually review this list during my weekly planning time.

1. No Golf.  I'm a golfer who determines how well I played not by the number of strokes I took but how many balls I take home.  I count my golf success by how few balls are not in the water, woods and backyards.  Golf for me is too expensive, takes too long and brings out my latent perfectionism therefore frustration.  Don't get me wrong I love to play the few times I do but it makes my "No" list for a hobby.

2. No Breakfast meetings.  I'm a morning person and enjoy getting a strong start.  During this season of my life I am helping boys get ready for school.  My wife needs rest so I would rather not be stressed out by waking up earlier than usual and asking her to do the morning routine.

3. No Sticking my neck into other people's business.  Scripture gives us good counsel when it says to live a quiet life, mind your own business and work with your hands.  I desire to be focused and intentional with the life I have been called to live and not to get bent out of shape about what other people are up to or what I think they think about me.

4.  No accepting low productivity value meetings.  My friend, Dick Roberts, has been modeling for our team how to lead meetings.  His meetings are effective, short, agenda driven and action oriented.  We are getting more done with less energy and it is wonderful.  If I have a choice not to attend a meeting it will save time and energy which I can invest in more productive tasks and people who need my attention.  Now some meetings are required and we all have those.  If someone in your work can give you the bottom line or give a report for you, you will be more productive.

Bottom Line: Resolving to say "No" to certain people, places and things brings  great focus, productivity and freedom to say "Yes" to the right people, places and things.

What would you be resolved about putting on your "No" list?

Share your reply so we can benefit from your "No" resolutions!