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Set the Bar High by Investing in Men's Lives

Before my first night of leading a coaching pod and the discipleship group, I wanted to consider the priority, cost and benefits of investing in the lives of others.  I challenged the men to set the bar high on their investment in our coaching times and in our discipleship group time. The priority of setting the bar high in investing in the lives of leaders cannot be underestimated.  The priority of investing in the lives of men who want to love Jesus and become mature and equipped followers of Jesus is so important.  I remember men who invested in my life through the years and now I am “that man” who is investing in others.  I think back to my sophomore year in college when Jesus’ vision and method of “making men” was planted in my heart.  Now 30 years later that vision is burning white hot.

There has been a cost to follow Jesus in this vision.  While many friends were pursuing becoming pastors of large churches or ministries -Jesus called me to be quiet and behind the scenes building into the lives of a few.  While there were opportunities to speak to hundreds at meetings, gatherings and retreats -Jesus called me to sit with a man at Starbucks and engage his heart.  There has been a cost to my family and marriage as I spend time with a few men who want to have a relationship beyond our small group time and that means calling during “family time”.  The cost has been great to my heart as I have hurt when the men hurt.

The benefits of investing in the lives of a few men far outweigh the cost and pain.  I am apart of the John 17 legacy.  I get a front row seat watching God renew men right before my eyes.  I have had men come up to me and say, “hello, I’m your great grandchild spiritually”.  I have seen marriages, families, businesses, churches and organizations changed from the inside out as these men have influenced others as a Christ-follower.  I could go on...

Our first coaching pod and discipleship group has gotten this ministry year off to a great start.  The priority of investing in men is high.  The cost of investing in men is high.  The benefits of investing in men is high.  Setting the bar high is a fun way to fly.